An Introduction to A Quest to Thrive

A Quest to Thrive

Regardless of your age or experience, circumstances can sometimes leave you feeling adrift in life, unsure of your purpose or direction. It is not unusual to seek meaning or seek sure footing at some point in life. It occurs in most instances at the crossroads of a significant life change, or other paramount and reflective milestones.

Gaining a clear perspective of your quest is a lifelong discovery. Many changes occur in that period, but they should consistently represent progress. How you choose to move forward is a larger question, and I offer many ideas for how to find your sense of direction in life in this book.

But taking action and moving ahead is an urgent and essential step to making changes for the better.

Changing your life is often a scary proposition. Making significant life changes means confronting your fears, gaining clarity about yourself, and sometimes even asking for help, which can be challenging for some.

Questions that you may be asking yourself right now might be, “What if I can’t do this?” or, “Am I crazy to try this now?” As you consider all the negative prospects, stop first to examine all the positive opportunities as well if you changed your life now.

Stop for a moment, and with careful thought, refrain from allowing a negative impression cloud your mind. Remember what got you to this point to begin with, your unhappiness or discontentment with your life. Your expectation for something more in life to fulfill that nagging void within haunts you.

Things are not going as you want, and you need to change. So, looking back or staying in place is not a choice you desire.  Moving forward, despite your worries, is the best path through and onto your next, better life.

So, have courage. Within these pages (A Quest to Thrive), you will find my favorite strategies for finding your sense of direction, discovering your true self, and clarifying what your passions might be. This book intends to guide you to make decisions on the kinds of changes you need to complete for yourself. The outcome is to bring happiness and prosperity in your life. In addition, to help heighten your wisdom.

With so many to choose from, there are sure to be a few that will serve you well to find the next path forward and make the transformation you desire. Start living the life you want by finding your direction and taking action now.

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