Self-Awareness Assessment

Self-awareness is the discovery of you.

Self-awareness is the opening to discover who you are. You are the commander of your body, the vessel which you will navigate through your life. You have control over all things you. You control and can improve your reaction and emotions when you have a deeper understanding of yourself and become more aware of your limitless potential.

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Discomfort Won’t Kill You

Strive discomfort won't kill you!

Strive discomfort won’t kill you! While your mind/body crave the ease of routines and you naturally feel the pull of safety, your growth is dependent on your ability to withstand discomfort. Explore new ideas, try new disciplines, walk down a different path, and don’t settle into a single routine. There are always new ways to do and be better at what you do.

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Waves in Your Life

Waves in your life.

Comfort is familiar, it sounds good, but there’s something else that comfort can be – deadening. It blunts your ambition and stifles your creativity. Embracing discomfort forces you to think differently. It frees you from your paralysis and allows you to embrace creativity. From your discomfort, comes an opportunity for growth and the insights can propel you forward.

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Mind Focus: Myths & Facts

Mind and focus.

Mind focus – the myth and facts in a world of never-ending distraction. Almost all of us would like to improve our ability to drown out the background noises. Too many stimuli fighting for our attention drains our energy. The topic of improving mental focus and capacity to avoid distraction is packed with information that is often contradictory learn the facts

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